IM体育的沉浸式教育体验是独一无二的. 我们培养学习和探索传统和新兴学科的无界思想家, 掌握在大学及以后取得成就所必需的技能, 并体现了好奇心等重要态度, 对学习的热爱和对真理的承诺.

在学习日之外, 学生们可以加入非凡的机器人团队, 学习并参加辩论, 在春季音乐剧中表演或在运动场上参加15项运动中的一项.









Webb’s faculty is assisted in its delivery if an unbounded curriculum by an Academic Council that includes key academic directors 和 chairs of Webb’s academic departments. 在一起, the council helps to advise Webb leadership on faculty needs 和 guide faculty in their commitment to creating the most dynamic educational experience possible.


作为研究主任, Peter Hatala ensures that the academic program aligns with Webb’s mission 和 philosophy 和 that every department 和 discipline thinks through a program that encourages unbounded thinking, 实际应用和“边做边学”.”

Mr. 哈塔拉在马萨诸塞大学波士顿分校获得了英语学士学位. 随后,他获得了纽约州立大学奥尔巴尼分校的历史学硕士学位, 巴德学院历史专业硕士学位, 最后, 获得了他的第三个硕士学位.在哥伦比亚大学教师学院Klingenstein中心接受私立学校领导教育.


作为体验式学习的主管,苏珊娜支持IM体育无限学习的使命. She supports teachers in imagining h和s-on 和 relevant projects 和 activities in their classrooms 和 arranging field studies connected to their curriculum. 她领导着IM体育的“无限日”项目, promotes international 和 domestic travel during breaks 和 directs the Webb Junior Scholars 夏天 Program.


担任教学资源总监, Mark coordinates with faculty to ensure that they have cutting-edge tools to achieve pedagogical goals with students. 从印刷资源到在线数据库,从技术工具到耗材, Mark ensures that Webb is ready to meet unbounded thinkers 和 assist them wherever their academic journey may lead.

马克还管理着福塞特图书馆, 强调教育的社会性和重视学生表达的学术中心, 从而放大和培育校园文化.

马克在IM体育大学的教学重点包括新闻项目和IM体育峡谷纪事, 学生新闻刊物.

作为注册员, Briar Rose为学生和老师创建了学习时间表, keeps all student 和 alumni transcripts 和 grade reports 和 coordinates record sharing with other schools. 她维护着IM体育大学的学生信息系统,同时也是IM体育大学的大学先修课程协调员.


Hector Martinez brings more than 35 years of experience in education 和 college admissions to his role as dean of college guidance, 包括在IM体育app的25年.

赫克托是几个国家专业组织的活跃成员, 包括担任全国大学理事会论坛的联合主席. He is also a founding member of the board of trustees for ACCIS (Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools) 和 has served as an executive member of the Guidance 和 IM体育s Council for The College Board 和 NACAC.

被认为是美国最受尊敬和知识渊博的大学顾问之一, 赫克托耳经常出现在诸如 洛杉矶时报纽约时报, 《IM体育app》U.S. 新闻与世界报道 和 华尔街日报, 在那里,他被选为美国最优秀的40名大学辅导员之一.S.


在他20多年的技术总监生涯中, 蒂姆曾经是美术学院的一员, 历史, 理学系和数学系. Tim开发了与技术相关的课程,并指导了各个学科的教员, 从计算机科学到数字媒体. He was an integral part of designing 和 implementing the technology around campus on projects like our Copel和 Donahue Black Box 剧院, 苏珊A. 纳尔逊表演艺术中心和我们教室的现代化. 蒂姆支持提高社区对新兴技术趋势的认识. Our director of technology’s unbounded approach to education isn’t contained to the classroom as he has developed numerous workshops 和 events covering topics such as cyber security, 密码学, 数字合成器和电子动画.







无论是在科学实验室还是在人文课堂, our faculty guide students in an active learning environment that allows them not only to acquire a core body of knowledge but also teaches them how to inquire 和 investigate using the latest methods of scholars 和 researchers.




部分使用阿尔夫博物馆, 九年级的学生学习进化论, 古生物学, 细胞结构与功能, DNA和RNA的结构和功能, 遗传学, 分类, 生物多样性, 生命伦理学等.



本课程继续探索材料, 艺术AB课程中开始的技巧和视觉策略, 但重点是发展学生的个人关系,他们的艺术过程. 学生们将利用IM体育在数字艺术实验室、艺术工作室和木工车间的创客空间.



使用IM体育生物实验室的尖端设备, 以及尼尔A的设施. 加州大学坎贝尔科学学习实验室, 河畔, 学生调查生物技术的各种研究课题, explore the ethical implications of these fields of study 和 apply learned lab methods to student research projects in collaboration with UCR scientists.




学生积极参与, real-world communication while developing the ability to underst和 spoken Spanish in a variety of authentic contexts, the ability to comprehend Spanish vocabulary sufficiently ample for reading literature 和 newspapers 和 the ability to express themselves with fluency 和 accuracy in both written 和 spoken Spanish.



本课程围绕着对生物学四大概念的持久理解:进化, 能源, 信息和互动. 研究主题包括生物化学, 细胞过程, 遗传学, 进化, 植物, 动物和身体系统.



AP计算机科学 Principles offers a multidisciplinary approach to teaching the underlying principles of computation. 学生培养计算思维能力,这对所有学科的成功至关重要, such as using analytical tools to study 和 work with large data sets as well as to visualize 和 draw conclusions from trends. The course engages students in the creative aspects of the field by allowing them to work in a high-level programming language with simple syntax 和 elegant powers of abstraction.



有关所需课程的完整列表,您可以咨询我们的 学习课程,同时也作为选课指南 除了特定科目的要求, 九年级学生必须修三门核心课程: 文明的基础 一个学期的政治课程, 经济体, 宗教, 世界各地文化的社会规范和艺术知识生产; 构图基础 一个学期的课程是否提供了沉浸式的多学科思维介绍, 批判性分析和写作, 说话, presentation 和 辩论; 和 进化生物学 是一门探索地球历史的两学期课程吗, 地质时代的生命史和进化以及现代遗传学的研究和理论.

十年级学生, 除了特定科目的要求, 同时参加三个核心课程: 美国观念 is a one-semester course that focuses on the question of what makes an American text or artwork “American”; 美国社会,过去 & 现在 is a one-semester course that looks at American attempts to create an ideal society 和 balance the conflicting interests of a diverse nation; 和 综合物理 & 化学 两个学期的课程是向学生介绍物质的研究吗, 化学反应和能量, 和 then builds on those concepts to explore more advanced ideas like thermodynamics 和 the quantum structure of atoms.

IM体育大学的课程选择更为严格,因此获得了荣誉学位, 大学先修课程(AP), 或高级研究(AdvSt)指定. 荣誉课程与标准课程的不同之处在于包含了高级内容. AP courses adhere to the content 和 methods prescribed by the College Board for that subject 和 include test-preparation activities 和 practice. AP-level classes 和 Advanced Studies courses (designed by Webb faculty) engage students in high-level intellectual pursuits; they are characterized by their depth of study, their embrace of the latest in academic research 和 their attention to making connections among disciplines. 在IM体育网站了解更多信息 学习课程,作为选课指南.

IM体育商学院 are committed to providing you with the support you need to achieve success at all levels of our academic program. 你的帮助和指导的主要来源是你的课堂老师, 和 you may attend faculty office hours (offered four times per week) or schedule appointments to meet individually or in small groups with teachers before school, 在公共空闲时间, 午餐时间或课外时间. 在这一周,几乎所有科目都有晚间实验. 所有这些课程都可以用来复习课程内容, 提高学习能力, 准备考试或在作业上寻求帮助. 你也可以和同伴一起学习,在课堂作业和考试准备方面给予和获得支持. 除了, IM体育拥有一个由经过批准和审查的导师组成的导师池,这些导师可以在校园里工作. 韦布大学在课程选择指南中概述了它的学术课程 学习课程.

韦布提供一系列学科的课外项目, 包括舞蹈, 辩论, 音乐, 古生物学, 机器人, 戏剧和工作室艺术. Webb also provides opportunities for students to extend their education beyond campus through experiential programs such as our trips program, 哪个学校提供暑假期间的国内和国际旅行, 以及我们两年一度的无限日子, 提供身临其境的体验, 协作, 将课堂与更广阔的世界联系起来的相关经验. Highly qualified students who wish to undertake serious study in an area not covered by the Webb curriculum may propose an Independent 研究 course, 和 students who complete all of the course offerings at the advanced level in a given department may seek to enroll in courses at the Claremont Colleges, 有了适当的批准. 韦布在其网站上提供了对其项目的概述 学习课程,作为选课指南.


所有学生都要上五门课. 许多韦布的学生在一个学期或两个学期都要上六门课. 学生不允许同时上七门课.